3D Printing

After Hours

Bringing ideas to life is our passion. We offer top tier engineering and design resources at a fraction of the cost. Our team also includes experts in prototyping, offering a range of 3D printing solutions for your needs at a discounted rate. If you can dream it, we can do it."

Accounting & Finance

Vertex Accounting Solutions

Vertex Accounting Solutions was created out of our deep passion for emerging hi-tech startups and early stage companies. We gladly take care of the Accounting and Financial Reporting needs while our clients focus on what they do best, continue innovating and dreaming of changing the world! Our outsourced CFO service provides our clients with access to a Senior Financial Executive resource without the burden of hiring a full-time CFO, an expense most early stage companies are not ready for just yet.

Branding & Marketing

Frill Studio

Driven to mobilize ideas, Minneapolis-based Frill Studio specializes in branding and visual identity, web design, and web development aimed at fueling affinity for impassioned brands, companies, and people.

Contract Services


Altron Inc. has been providing high quality, customized electronic assemblies, and electro-mechanical contract manufacturing solutions since 1974. We offer services to our customers in a wide variety of industries including medical, military, aerospace, computer, telecommunications, GPS, commercial/industrial and health/fitness.

Contract Services


KeyTronicEMS is a value-added electronic manufacturing service provider to some of the world’s leading OEMs. We specialize in PCBA and full product assembly, plastic molding, precision metal stamping fabrication and finishing and engineering services with products ranging from simple consumer devices to complex, high end commercial and industrial electro-mechanical products. With over 45 years of electronic manufacturing experience, our headquarters are based in Spokane, Washington.

Contract Services


Sparton Corporation is a contract manufacturer of low-medium volume, highly complex electromechanical devices. We manufacture and design products for the demanding and highly regulated markets. Our FDA registered facilities can administer the full product life-cycle for our customer – from an idea and prototyping, to full manufacturing and after-market services.

Contract Services


YFYJupiter is an integrated global packaging company specializing in a wide range of services including brand management, photography, graphic design, structural engineering, printing and package testing.

Device Manufacturer

Action Products

Action Products, Inc. is the manufacturer of pressure relieving support surfaces, using Akton® polymer, to prevent pressure ulcer injuries. As a pioneer in the gel positioning category, Action® products have many pressure and shear reducing qualities. Action remains the leader in the industry due to its independent clinical studies proving its effectiveness, and its continuing support of pressure injury prevention education.

Device Manufacturer


For over 30 years, Bionix Medical Technologies has been a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative medical devices. Bionix focuses on helping physicians and allied health professionals meet the high-pressure demands of a constantly changing health care environment. Bionix welcomes the submission of all product ideas. If you have a new concept or product idea that meets the needs of medical professionals, you are in the right place.

Device Manufacturer


For 40 years, Bard Peripheral Vascular OEM Products has provided a wide range of products and services to the medical device industry, such as implantable ePTFE and textiles as well as components for cardiovascular device solutions such as PTA/PTCA angioplasty balloon catheters and guidewires. Bard PV OEM Products offers innovative solutions to medical device manufacturers – including some of the world’s most recognized OEMs and emerging medical device companies – that combine best in class technologies with a proven commitment to quality.

Device Manufacturer


ExpressionMed creates custom adhesives for diabetic infusion sets. We value adding choice to diabetic care routines by making adhesives to fit every interest and style.

Device Manufacturer

GI Dynamics

GI Dynamics, Inc. is the developer of EndoBarrier®, the first endoscopically-delivered device therapy designed to mimic the mechanisms of metabolic surgery - without altering the anatomy.

Device Manufacturer


Pioneering Improved Diagnostic Imaging of the Gastrointestinal System. Innurvation is advancing three technologies for capsule endoscopy: optical sidewall scanning for image clarity and continuity, acoustic data transmission to conserve battery and precisely determine location, and acoustic imaging to eliminate the need for patient clean-out. In addition, Innurvation will establish a cloud-based platform for a physician’s secure anywhere, anytime access, and the world’s first GI data base for diagnostic analytics.

Device Manufacturer

JAC Health

J.A.C. Health Technology develops proprietary personal health and fitness tracking system integrating wearable bio-sensors, smartphone data aggregation, and cloud-based analytics to provide individuals with continuous feedback and diagnostics on multiple critical health and fitness indicators.

Device Manufacturer


Narvitas Medical Devices Limited is a Galway, Ireland based developer, manufacturer, and marketer of novel and inventive medical devices, which improve the standard of care in existing, large volume medical segments such as laparoscopic surgery, epidural anaesthesia, and indwelling catheter capture.

Device Manufacturer


NeoLight is an empathy-driven medical device company. Rather than designing large, complicated machines for hospitals, we create simple, portable innovations that allow parents to care for their infant in the comfort of home. Our first device, SkyLife, is a phototherapy device that treats infant jaundice.

Device Manufacturer


NeuroVASx, Inc., a Delaware corporation, is a Minnesota-based medical technology company developing interventional treatments for complications in the human brain; primarily cerebral aneurysms and stroke.

Device Manufacturer

Pegasus Therapeutics

The Pegasus Therapeutics Bioresorbable Flow Diverter will give kids and young adults with aneurysms a better treatment option - one that promotes healing and then dissolves away completely; leaving options open if future treatment is needed.

Device Manufacturer


PhotoniCare is a medical device company fundamentally changing the way physicians manage middle ear infections. With the ClearView device, physicians can now see through the eardrum to directly and harmlessly visualize the middle ear. Our technology enables physicians to determine quickly and easily whether a patient needs antibiotics or surgical intervention. PhotoniCare is currently raising a financing round to reach FDA approval of their first product.

Device Manufacturer

POPS! Diabetes Care

POPS! Diabetes Care is creating a new, personalized healthcare model of blood glucose management for patients. Novel innovations simplify glucose testing for patients, making them more likely to complete the rigors of daily testing. Smart devices will enable patients to use their data to better manage their condition.

Device Manufacturer

Rx Bandz

Developing the next generation of patient-centric auto-injectable devices to deliver a wide range of therapies for active patients around the world.

Device Manufacturer


Securisyn has invented and patented a unique portfolio of design concepts and products to address the wide range of complications of advanced airway management.

Device Manufacturer


The Sight-A-Light was created to enhance the life of the user by increasing mobility awareness and promoting a safe environment while saving lives in the process.

Device Manufacturer

Throat Scope

Throat Scope is transforming medical illumination worldwide by developing revolutionary medical devices and digital health tools used by healthcare professionals and homes around the world.

Device Manufacturer

Vardas Inc.

Vardas Inc. is developing revolutionary biofeedback wearables. Their products give users the ability to train their brain to reduce stress and anxiety, while also reducing the symptoms related to ADHD/ADD and autism. Furthermore, reducing the need for medication.


247 Medical Sales

247 Medical Sales is a Minnesota-based distributor of medical devices and other supplies.


Golden Medical

Golden Medical provides the finest medical products and devices to your medical practice. Working to make your clinic, hospital, and ER more efficient and comfortable for your patients, we distribute throughout Minnesota to bring a medical solution directly to you.

Health Information Technology


Linking biomedical data across public and private data sources. While searching PubMed and Clinicaltrials.gov, users are often faced with the challenge of documenting their search, quickly identify the most pertinent information and linking clinical to literature information. Delve Health provides an end-to-end solution, allowing users search multiple databases at once, document their search activity, review citations and get access to full-text articles.​

Health Information Technology


DoseMe is the first company in the world to offer precision dosing software specifically developed for clinical use at the point-of-care. The DoseMeRx platform significantly improves dosing accuracy and patient outcomes by providing real-time dose-related decision support to enable precision medicine using readily available patient data. DoseMe Crunch is built on the same algorithms that underpin DoseMeRx, to analyze retrospective and previously underutilized sources of patient data to empower health services to understand and optimize medication use, benchmark clinical dosing practices and monitor medication management performance.

Health Information Technology

Galenus Scientific

Galenus Scientific Inc. is a startup company in Illinois with a mission to build a unique product for the telemedicine space. It was co-founded by Prashant Deshpande, MD, a pediatrician with a passion to also develop technology, and Ajay Bhagwat, B.Tech in electrical engineering, who is well-known in the electronics industry for building innovative technology products.

Health Information Technology


TheraTec, LLC provides patient engagement systems for medical condition recovery requiring action by patients. Our first system is for physical therapy, and is targeted at shoulder, knee, and hip rehabilitation.



Incubology is a fully private initiative and will provide a high quality, move-in environment to support start-ups as well as established companies who are searching for innovative, collaborative space. The dedicated wet and dry lab space is suitable for R&D and manufacturing for pharmaceutical, med-tech, biotech, nanotechnology, and chemical industries.

Investment Group

MD Angels

MD Angels is an angel organization of multi-specialty physicians who focus on leveraging their collective clinical expertise to invest in early stage health care start ups. Catchwind is looking forward to working with more investment communities in order to help mitigate investment risk and also provide start-ups with a broader opportunity to access funding.

Investor Relations


AngelSpan helps early stage CEOs build trust with their investors by delivering professionally crafted monthly updates.Dedicated communication coordinators assist entrepreneurs by curating all investor updates and keeping them on schedule.We understand entrepreneurs are stretched thin, so we do the heavy lifting to take the hard work out of investor relations.The best entrepreneurs know that regular investor communication encourages their stakeholders to provide business introductions, future investment, and referrals to potential team members.

Investor Relations

The Network Connect

The Network Connect is a large and growing network of investors, investor groups and funds. We have embarked on a nationwide initiative to connect investors and startup companies seeking early-stage capital.

Leadership Development

Woman ON Point

Invest in yourself by attending the fastest growing leadership development summits for executive women committed to taking their leadership skills to the “Next Level”. Women ON Point executive leadership summit is the premiere professional development, networking, and growth opportunity designed and delivered exclusively for and by top-performing women.

Legal Services

EntrePartner Law

EntrePartner is a boutique, small-business law firm providing legal services in the greater Minneapolis area and throughout Minnesota. Our crew of former big-firm lawyers partners with entrepreneurs, startups, franchises, and small businesses.

Legal Services

Larkin Hoffman

Larkin Hoffman is one of the largest full-service business law firms in Minnesota with over 20 areas of practice. Clients rely on our experience and business acumen to guide their decision making and our ability to enforce their rights when necessary. When it comes to business, we are as comfortable in any court as we are in the boardroom.

Legal Services

Messerli & Kramer

Founded in 1965, Messerli & Kramer is a Top 20 Minnesota law firm with locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Plymouth, Bismarck, North Dakota, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Omaha, Nebraska. We have a hard-earned reputation within the business community of providing sound, reasoned and comprehensive legal services. With an emphasis on building lasting relationships with our clients, our professionals take the time to listen and understand legal issues within the larger framework of the business as a whole. Known for our dedication and responsiveness,cis focused on finding pragmatic solutions and producing remarkable results for our clients.

Legal Services

Wissing Miller LLP

Wissing Miller LLP helps our clients to achieve their business goals through the lens of intellectual property and corporate governance. We have experience protecting the patent and trademark assets of clients big and small in the medical device, consumer products, and telecommunications fields. We advise clients on IP in- and out-licensing opportunities and help growing companies navigate complex commercial transactions as they mature.

Manufacturers Representative

Mel Foster

Mel Foster Company is one of the largest manufacturer's representatives covering the Upper Midwest territory. We represent a diverse set of suppliers covering everything from passive and electromechanical to Semiconductor and system level products. We pride ourselves on being employee owned and customer focused in all that we do.

Medical Device Manufacturer


Sonavex is a Johns Hopkins spin-out that empowers nurses to detect blood clots after at-risk surgeries to prevent catastrophic surgical failures with associated non-reimbursed hospital costs of $174k - $577k per instance. The company has secured $3M of its $3.5M venture-backed Series A.


Anxious Minds

Anxious Minds strives to progress the topic of mental health toward the forefront of social issue discussion and solution, worldwide. As the significance of mental health becomes more prevalent, the need for awareness, diagnosis and support is paramount. The stigma surrounding mental health stands firmly as a roadblock to awareness, diagnosis and support.


Magic Arms

For the millions of children with neuromuscular disorders, debilitating weakness in the arms and shoulders makes everyday tasks nearly impossible. With Magic Arms, the impossible becomes possible. Magic Arms is a gravity-balancing, exoskeletal device that’s been proven to work on over 100 kids so far. Our goal is to make this technology available to every child who needs it.



Minnovate is a community formed at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Our vision is to bridge the gap between students and the healthcare industry and create a collaborative community of students and businesses to advance innovation and productivity. We aim to achieve this through networking and informational events, technical skills training workshops and projects with companies and startups.



The New England Pediatric Device Consortium (NEPDC) is a non-profit foundation supported by the FDA’s Office of Orphan Products Development (OOPD) to promote commercialization of safe and effective technologies for pediatric clinical care. NEPDC accelerates commercialization by connecting innovators with an extensive network of clinicians, researchers, technologists, and business development specialists located at institutions throughout New England. Through our Seed Award program, NEPDC evaluates product concepts across the commercialization spectrum, from ideas to near-to-market devices, and provides rapid and targeted assistance to innovators seeking to address the needs of children suffering from disease or disabilities.


Spare Key

Spare Key’s mission is to provide assistance to families in crisis with critically ill or seriously injured children through housing grant payment assistance, engaged resource referral and advocacy.

Payroll & Human Resources

Oasis DEG

Oasis DEG is an employee life cycle right sourcing platform. Oasis solves problems in the areas of human resources, worker’ compensation, risk management, employee benefits and payroll administration. Their goal is to increase profitability, maximize employee productivity, reduce time spent on transactional HR activities, reduce employment liabilities and lower labor cost.

Pediatric Device Manufacturer

Wishbone Medical

WishBone Medical is a Warsaw, Indiana based pediatric orthopedic company focused on the unmet needs of children suffering from orthopedic issues. We provide anatomically appropriate innovative implants and instruments in sterile-packed, single-use, disposable kits to surgeons for children who are still growing. Our company is developing a broad product portfolio to address the variety of conditions that pediatric orthopedic surgeons treat on a daily basis.

Pre-Clinical/Clinical Services

American Preclinical Services

American Preclinical Services, APS, is a full-service AAALAC accredited, ISO 17025 accredited and GLP compliant contract research laboratory specializing in a wide range of comprehensive, individually tailored preclinical testing services for the medical device, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.

Pre-Clinical/Clinical Services


Auxiliis BV is a Full-service Contract Research Organisation (CRO) dedicated exclusively to Paediatric clinical development. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), with operations in Budapest (Hungary) and a representative office in Philadelphia, PA (US). We understand the ethics of care for children and have wide experience of paediatric trials design and execution for the development of new drugs or medical devices.

Pre-Clinical/Clinical Services

Compliance Solutions

Based in Scotland, Compliance Solutions has many years of experience within the Life Science Industry in advising on how to best meet the regulatory requirements for the one man start up to the multi-national companies. They support its clients by providing a risk based approach to meeting their Quality and Regulatory needs with clear, straightforward, hands on practical approach, which is cost effective with regards to assisting with the development, approval, manufacture, storage and distribution of their products.

Pre-Clinical/Clinical Services

Fang Consulting

Fang Consulting is a Regulatory Affairs and Quality Systems consulting firm focused exclusively on the medical device industry. We also have Fang Fulfillment; the last piece of the puzzle for virtual device companies.

Pre-Clinical/Clinical Services


KinderPharm focuses exclusively on pediatric drug development. Our out-sourced “Pediatric Center of Excellence” model is a unique resource of pediatricians, pharmacometricians, regulatory, drug safety and formulation scientists that develop pediatric drugs through all stages of development.

Pre-Clinical/Clinical Services


NAMSA is a medical research organization providing expert regulatory, laboratory, clinical, and compliance services to medical device and healthcare product manufacturers. At every stage of the product development process, we provide strategic guidance and tactical support to help clients commercialize medical products in the major markets of the world.

Product Development


CoCreateX strives to improve the climate for innovation by connecting people and providing access to valuable resources. Our adventure began around a community of people who had a desire to share resources and connections in order to turn our ideas into products, our inventions into businesses, and our passions into reality.

Product Development


Darceo is a Professional Engineering services group providing our customers solid design solutions in the medical design space. Engineering support includes full product development in the electronics (Firmware) and mechanical spaces. Support through manufacturing launch and test development is key to our customer relationships.

Product Development


We are unique in the fact that we are capable of shepherding a design from the idea stage through the FDA process all under one roof. Our staff consists of some of the best biomedical, electrical, software, mechanical and industrial design engineers the market has to offer.

Product Development

Integrity Design

Design Engineering is a complete product development company located in Eden Prairie, MN. Integrity provides on-demand mechanical engineering to companies both locally and nationwide. Integrity can provide services from initial product concepts to prototyping to supply chain development. From individual component to complete machine designs, Integrity Design Engineering can provide the resources you need, when you need them.

Product Development

Intelligent Product Solutions

Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS) is a product design and development company headquartered in NY with locations in Seattle and Minneapolis. The firm offers full service, end-to-end product design and engineering including full stack IoT hardware and software solutions, integration services and internet enablement.

Product Development

Kablooe Design

Kablooe Design is a product design and development company that invents, designs and engineers new creations for innovators. They use their proprietary D3 process to guide customers through the innovation process. Their team of creative product specialists consists of industrial designers, mechanical engineers, design engineers, biomedical engineers, and research professionals.

Product Development


Knowvention® specializes in solving unique and difficult Innovation and Product Development challenges at the “Fuzzy Front End” through knowledge building and integration to meet a wide array of stakeholder needs.

Product Development


Matchstick helps their clients develop, perfect and launch drug delivery devices that people want to use. At Matchstick, we’re device people. By delivering intuitive and accessible drug delivery devices, we will improve the experience for patients and caregivers, empowering them to treat disease.

Product Development

Minnesota HealthSolutions

Minnesota HealthSolutions, a MN based company, has been providing grant funding expertise since 2006. We focus on acquiring grants to enable the development and evaluation of technology-based interventions in medical and safety markets affecting large populations. Our professionals are experts in engineering, epidemiology, software development and grant submissions.

Product Development

Optimal Design

Optimal Design is a product development firm and strategic consultancy that brings innovative products to organizations seeking new technologies, marketplace expertise, collaborative leadership and unleashed innovation.

Product Development

Radius LLC

Radius LLC has decades of manufacturing experience in metal, rubber and plastic components & assemblies, Radius is uniquely positioned to help provide real-world solutions to your manufacturing needs.

Product Development

SandCreekFive LLC

SandCreekFive LLC provides resources to medical device companies with a focus on ideation, R&D, IP development, commercialization, and management.

Product Development

Typenex Medical

Typenex Medical is the medical processes support company for hospitals and clinical personnel concerned with delivering processes that streamline healthcare. Typenex has a team of focused and responsive people who understand that right products can make process possible.

Project Management

Waddell Group

Beyond essential project management skills, our highly experienced consultants know how to lead teams, manage in times of crisis, and influence for change. We offer expertise, intellectual property and proven methodology. With excellent Project Management, Success is Predictable.

Regulatory & Research

Solid Research Group

At Solid Research Group, we help shape healthcare delivery and national healthcare policy by quantifying and disseminating results of health research and quality improvement initiatives. Our background in statistical analysis, research, and writing about healthcare allows us to effectively illustrate the impact of projects on the industry.

Regulatory and Research

R4D4 Innovations

Small Business Research Innovation/Small Business Technology Transfer Grants (SBIR/STTR) are non-dilutive and the largest source of seed capital for early stage technology development. During 2016, SBIR/STTR programs invested over $2.5B in companies researching and developing innovative technologies with strong commercial potential to improve health and save lives. R2D4 Innovation, LLC provides strategic consulting, grant writing and administrative services to small medical device companies seeking SBIR/STTR funding. With 30+ years of medical device research & development experience and over $2.6MM in SBIR/STTR funded grants, President David Anderson, PE delivers winning grant proposals.

Research & Development


Excelen is an independent, nonprofit research and education organization where science, engineering, and medicine converge.  Excelen provides the resources, decades of experience, and the expertise you need to excel in research, development & education.

Software Design & Development

New Lion

At New Lion, we don’t just develop web and mobile apps, we develop entire ideas. When we partner with you, we become your bolt-on startup team. Our strategic, design, and technical experts support you through each phase of your business. Most importantly, we de-risk the process of launching a new digital product by exploring the viability of your idea with a clickable prototype -- the least expensive way to discover if your venture can succeed.

Staffing Services

Andcor Companies

Established in 1969, Andcor is an Executive Search and Equity Investment firm based in Wayzata, Minnesota. From the start, Andcor has committed to partnering with exceptional leadership teams to build visionary emerging companies.

Staffing Services

Start Engineering

Based in Minneapolis, Start Recruiting is an established full-service search and recruitment agency specializing in placing technical talent in the medical device arena. Start Recruiting has been helping medical device manufacturers find and hire top notch engineers, project and program managers, functional managers, and senior level strategic leaders for over 12 years.

Trade Shows & Exhibits


A global leader in the design, manufacturing and delivery of trade show resources, Skyline has assisted thousands of companies across the globe in bringing NEW products and ideas to market. Skyline understands that image is critical at all stages of an organization’s development – especially at the beginning, and presenting just the right image on a limited budget can be a challenge. Partnering with Catchwind fits perfectly into Skyline’s mission of “Helping the World Trade.

Vaccine Management


VEMR, Inc. specializes in technology that automates vaccine management. We understand the needs of providers and the barriers they face in inefficiency, increasing overhead and streamlining workflow. We have addressed burdensome requirements of the Vaccine for Children program to improve access for those children in greatest need.