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Harnessing momentum, with wisdom.

Often, innovators in the healthcare arena are the people who work directly with patients and in medical settings. This, by default, means they're not likely to be closely connected to the resources needed to bring their idea out into the world and make it viable. We only have so many hours in a day after all. This chasm is what Catchwind is focused on bridging.

Going in, we know that one size never quite fits all. As such, we take pride in our curiosity toward understanding what unique challenges you may be facing while our wealth of experience allows us to facilitate the swift and efficient advancement of your goals.

You have a great, possibly life-changing idea. Now what?

We are here to help you wade through all of the complexities and requirements to launch your healthcare innovation. Our process will guide you through the gamut of business development stages providing you with the resources needed to wrangle everything from legal and regulatory necessities, aligning you with like-minded investment partners, linking you with the right manufacturing resources, all the way to developing a marketing and communications plan.

The key to success in our efforts is that our pool of connections is so deep that we're able to vet and align the appropriate resources to fit your unique circumstances. We match goals and skill-sets accordingly - increasing your idea's chance of success.

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